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When you need a literary work translated into another language, you want it done in a way that presents that work in a different tongue but not with a completely different meaning.

There are countless examples of books and other works of literature that completely lose their meaning when unskillfully translated into another language leaving the derivative text unrecognizable to those familiar with its source. That is why it is our main goal, when translating literary works, to ensure that when all is said and done, the finished product we deliver stays true to the original text while effectively connoting the subtext as well.

We are well versed in translating novels, short stories and plays and we are more than capable of taking on theater and film subtitling and dubbing projects. By taking advantage of our in-depth understanding of dramatic context and idiom, you can rest assured that when your literature is presented in a foreign language, you can be certain that the spirit of the work with survive the process unscathed. The following are some literary translation services we have to offer:

  • Story translation
  • Book translation
  • Novel translation
  • Subtitling services

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