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An article is a stand-alone section of a larger written work. A written essay or report on a subject. Articles appear in magazines, journals, newspapers, and in encyclopedias, among others.

Business Plans

A business plan is a formal statement of an organization’s business goals, the reasons why it believes these goals are achievable, and its plans for actually achieving them. A business plan may also contain other items such as the organization’s background information and marketing plan.

A form of advertisement, brochures may be used to promote locations, events, products or services. They are typically crisp and charming in language and conspicuous in design, and can be distributed via direct mail or trade shows. Brochures most generally appear as folded single sheets and booklets.

Books are commonly divided into fiction and non-fiction. Fictions are fictitious stories that are partly or completely untrue, such as novels. Non-fictions provide information and can be in the forms of reference book, dictionary, handbook, manual and textbook, among many others.


A manual is a document that communicates to the user certain technical information on how to operate a system or product. It is typically written by technicians who are familiar with the design and operational procedure of the system or product.